Chow Gastropub


We take everything you have ever known about the burger and flipped it upside down.

CHOW Gastropub serves up delicious homestyle comfort food. A large selection of custom made burgers with beef ground fresh everyday. Brown sugar crusted bacon made in house. Menu also offers appetizers you won’t find anywhere else (including mac-n-cheese balls!), creative grilled cheese sandwiches and plenty of salads for vegetarians. Offering “awesome food and great service.” Located in downtown Springfield.

What we do

Hescheles calls Chow a gastropub: “Taking pub food to the next level,” Hescheles says. And Chow certainly delivers, offering interesting twists on classic sandwiches like The Club (lemon-poached chicken, Coke-boiled ham, brown sugar bacon, cheddar, Swiss, tomato compote, crisp lettuce and arugula, smeared with “piggy” mayo) and burgers like the Altman (blue cheese pesto, Swiss, fresh spinach and onion jam).